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Selected Magazine Articles by Gregory A. Freeman

22 Seconds

The F-16 pilot was headed straight for the crowd. In an instant he had to make a life or death decision. Read the incredible story behind this last-second ejection by an Air Force Thunderbird pilot.

Reader's Digest: Click here to read the article

Code Alpha: The President is Coming!

Lieutenant General Thomas Keck unexpectedly found himself at the president's side on September 11, 2001, and in this article he tells his story for the first time to Gregory A. Freeman. Keck reveals his full inside account of those dramatic first hours when America was under terrorist attack.

American History magazine: Click here to read the article

Don't Shoot: We're Republicans!

Learn about the amazing story of the USS William D. Porter. Almost torpedoing the battleship carrying President Franklin Roosevelt to the Tehran Conference was not the first misadventure of the ill-fated "Willie Dee."

World War II magazine: Click here to read the article